Purchasing a property (average costs)

Legal Fees - Freehold


Purchase Price under £500,000

Purchase Price £500,000 - £999,999

Purchase Price over £1 million



£1025- 1495

Please call or email us for a bespoke quotation



£205- 299




£1230 - 1794



Legal Fees - Leasehold or newbuild


Purchase Price under £500,000

Purchase Price £500,000 - £999,999

Purchase Price over £1 million



£2450 - 3250

Please call or email us for a bespoke quotation



£490 - 650




£2940- 3900



Additional Service Fees:


Stamp Duty Land Tax Administration Fee

Electronic Funds  Transfer Administration Fee










Our additional fees

- Lender Reporting Administration Fees (if applicable):  £150.00 + VAT

- Expedited Completion Administration fee - £150.00 + VAT

- Management Company/Rent Charge involved - £250.00 + VAT

Average Additional Disbursements (payable to 3rd parties):

  • Stamp Duty Land Tax:

Guide prices can be found using the gov.uk calculator here https://www.tax.service.gov.uk/calculate-stamp-duty-land-tax/#/intro

  • Land Registration Fee:

Guide prices can be found here https://www.gov.uk/guidance/hm-land-registry-registration-services-fees

  • Estimated Search Fees: Between £250 and £450 (dependent upon the location of the property being purchased)

These include Local searches, Environmental searches, Drainage Water Searches, Chancel Policies and Bankruptcy Searches


Please be aware that there will be additional charges on a purchase of a leasehold property in respect of Service Charges and Ground Rent (if applicable), together with Landlords Registration Fees required under the lease. As these vary according to individual properties, we cannot give an average range of costs. These would be notified as soon as they are known.


Our fees are based on a straightforward transaction without unforeseen complexities or issues.  If the matter becomes complex or unduly protracted, there will be additional fees, examples of which include (but are not limited to):

Where a transaction is required to be expedited;

Where your Lender instructs its own Solicitor;

Where there is a perceived defect in title

Contract Races

Where indemnity insurance is required

Where a statutory Declaration is required

Where a Declaration of Trust is required

Where there is more than one Title

Where a Title is unregistered

Where a gifted deposit is being made available

If referral fees are applicable, we may pay a fee of up to £100 + VAT but please note, this fee will not be payable by you.



Where the transaction proves to be abortive, costs are chargeable for work already carried out by us and this will be calculated by reference to the Lawyers hourly charge out rate, together with VAT thereon and together also with any disbursements which may have been incurred up to the time of the matter becoming abortive.

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